Monday, August 18, 2014

Astrology Valdiation

Have you looked to your Astrology sign for Validation? I have often felt curious about it, wondering what the hype was all about. I think I always wondered, because i never felt the validation from mine. But, I was still always curious.
  In a conversation with a friend a few years back. I was informed that I was on the Cusp of two Astrology signs, and that was why I was not connecting to my Sign. Ok. Well that made sense, as i was at the very first day or two of my Astrology Sign. But it didnt ever help me connect with them. Just gave me an understanding on why I hadnt connected with mine. Though i could never get over how so many people fit their signs so spot on...amazingly spot on. I mean they really couldnt have nailed the description of these people any better. I began to realize that those people who were in the middle of their Astological sign, fit the description almost to a T. It was amazing, and beautiful, and helped me understand people a little bit better. I found a sense of acceptance and understanding of some people in my life. But why were those that were on the cusp, still so hard to understand. Why did some of us not fit into that category.
  The other day a friend posted a pin about astrology on the cusp, of course i had to read it. Wow! Someone finally was able to address the 'on the cusp' people, and I suddenly had a new understanding of myself and a validation of YES, that is soooo me. But why did I need it? Did I really not know who I was? Honestly, it didnt matter to me at the time. I was so excited to finally see something about the 'on the cusp' people. And to see that it fit me to a T was so exciting. I've had the pleasure of seeing myself from a new perspective. I love it.
  What was even more amazing was that the next day I had a long conversation with a student. He says to me, you strike me as an intellectual type. Someone who may be have went to Radke. Wow, that surprised me. I've never thought of myself as an Intellectual type. What was funny to me, was the night before I read this article and it described me as Intellectual, Creative and Spiritual. I felt the connection with Creative and Spiritual but not Intellectual. And now here was a student who was describing me as just that.  Was it coincidence? Hmmmm we'll never know. But what I do know, is that I questioned it. It made me think about myself a little bit differently. I believe we all have a sense of knowing who we are, and than there are those parts of us that we may not connect with, but may still lye dormant in ourselves. Who knows what it meant, but i connected with it, and that was something for me.
  Whether or not you believe in such things, I highly recommend you read this article, maybe it will help you understand someone you know that is on the Cusp. Were you born on a Cusp?

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